Kit Murley's Music Studio

Welcome to the one non-music-related page on my site! On Christmas Day 2015, I became a kitty foster parent for the very first time, to a little black kitten named Boo (because she was scared of her own shadow when she was first named).

What's involved with being a kitty foster parent? As a partner with J's Animal Rescue, I help socialise rescue kittens and kittens born from rescued mothers by giving them love and attention and helping them learn how to behave in a home. That way, when someone comes along who's ready to give them a forever home, the transition will be much smoother.

To help my kitties find their forever homes, I'll be using this page to show off who I currently have with me. If you think you'd be a good fit, please get in touch with Jocelynne at J's Animal Rescue and she'll set the adoption process in motion!

Currently on break to prepare for the winter semester. Coming soon: a little kitten named Smokey!