Kit Murley's Music Studio

Students who take lessons with me have access to a library of arrangements for both flute and piano with 24/7 access. These are songs that I've arranged personally and requests I've done for students who would like to be able to play their favourite music but aren't finding arrangements suitable to their current playing level. There are also various CDs and books available to be checked out at lessons. The library contents are listed below. Be sure to check back for updates!


Hallowe'en - Arrangement of Leila Fletcher's "Hallowe'en"
Happy Birthday - "Happy Birthday" in Bb
I Could Have Danced All Night - Selection from "My Fair Lady"
One Thing - First verse and chorus of "One Thing" by One Direction
Over the Rainbow - Selection from The Wizard of Oz


Flute Music By Women and Minority Composers - available to non-studio students:

Skipping Rope, by Yelena Fabianovna Gnesina - Arranged for flute and piano
Alexa's Music Box, by Jean Coulthard - Arranged for solo flute



Jurassic Park - Main Theme
One Thing - First verse and chorus of One Direction's hit song
Sherlock - Main Theme
Firework - First verse of Katy Perry's hit song
Rise - Opening of Katy Perry's hit song

The Coventry Carol - A beginner arrangement of the traditional English Christmas carol


Skin and Bones - A traditional Halloween song
Jingle Bells - A traditional Christmas song (Difficulty: Easy)
Ode to Joy - A beginner arrangement of Beethoven's famous theme that uses eighth notes
Here Comes the Bride - An easy arrangement of Wagner's famous theme. Dotted quarter-eighth note rhythm may be played by rote



Beethoven's Moonlight - Classical piano and strings collection of Beethoven's well-known works
Charlotte Church - her debut vocal album
Concerto For Flute & Harp, K. 99 & Sinfonia Concertante K. 297b  - Two concerti by Mozart
Healing Winds - Ohwihsha
Lamentations - Music by various composers from the 1500-1600s
Rotorua International Maori Entertainers - Presented by Maureen and John Waaka
Vocalise - Classical piano and flute collection