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Studio Lending Library: A bit of self-indulgence

One of my major goals in building up my studio lending library is to provide my students with access to music they might not otherwise come across. Whether that’s in the form of music by female composers or performers, or music that’s outside the dominant cultural sphere, it’s very important to me for students to have these musical experiences.

…That said, the two CDs I’m adding to my library today don’t fall into those categories and are instead pure self-indulgence on my part.


Mozart’s music isn’t exactly difficult to come by, and he isn’t what one might call obscure, either. However, the Concerto For Flute and Harp was one of my absolute favourite pieces growing up; it’s one of the major reasons why I’m a flute teacher today. (I might have become a harp teacher were it not for the fact that the instrument was far beyond my parents’ budget.) The copy I listened to was a cassette, so when I found a CD version, I snapped it up immediately.


My first semester of music history during my Bachelor of Music Education degree was an awakening of sorts for me. Prior to attending the class, I’d been exposed to plainchant (also known as Gregorian chants) and the Mediæval Bæebes, and a certain degree of Renaissance church music via my aunt, who was a choral singer, but that was all. Once I was introduced more formally to the early music period, I fell in love. And I’ve been going out of my way to pick up albums from the period ever since.

To further date myself beyond what I’ve already done in this post, talking to both a student and my roommate in the past week or so has shown me that there’s a bit of a flaw with my CD library plans: specifically, that not everyone has equipment capable of playing CDs anymore. I’m not…quite sure what I’m going to do in these cases; I’ll have to look into my options over the next while. But in the meantime, I hope everyone else will enjoy my ever-growing library!